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I love helping Gym & Fitness Studio owners 
get more clients.

I help gym and fitness studio owners grow their client base using proven membership growth strategies.

This includes:

- Gyms: Big Box, Independent, Boutique

- Hiit/Boxing training studios: F45, 9Round, 12Round, Orange Theory, Title Boxing etc

- Yoga Studios

- Pilates Studios 

- Barre Studios

- Group Fitness Classes

I provide an end to end solution for my clients which cover 3 main pillars:

1. Lead Acquisition - proven lead generation 

2. Lead Nurturing - make offers that encourage long term memberships with clients

3. Sales - converting appointment to long term happy client

Contact Paul or his team to see how he can help you get more clients!


P: + 61 413 604478


Paul Vercoe Helps Gym & Studio Fitness Owners Grow Their Memberships

Paul has helped us 10x our business through the use of digital marketing. Not only did he implement the technical strategies of Facebook Ads, Remarketing, Google Ads and YouTube marketing, he also gave us guidance into our overall marketing strategy which has led us to achieve what we have today. Thanks Paul!

George Bentley 

Owner - ThinkSmart Software UK

Paul literally took us from a conception through to a fully fledge business that now has over 300 happy clients attending weekly. Paul's marketing strategies, both online and offline helped us not only attract clients but convert and keep them on as very happy referring members. Thank you for everything :)

Caroline Tate

Owner - Habitat Space Melbourne

"Paul helped us 10x our business through the use of digital marketing." - George Bentley, ThinkSmart Software